Build an empire of taps! Start with an empire of dirt and build a legendary tap empire! Each tap will earn you gold to improve your world. Can you build an empire large enough to claim the world?

Expect improvements over time and new features and better graphics. This is a very basic Idle-like game. I started out experimenting with the progress system and ended up with this. Will add computer support soon. Any feedback or comments are welcome.


Empire of Taps (1).zip 359 kB
Empire of 375 kB
Empire_of_Taps_DL(8).zip 375 kB

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What does revolution do beyond resetting buildings?

Added onto revolution system it will improve production rates. Example: The amount of (Gems × Revolutions = +$ %.)

I also want to make the revolutions change buildings, maybe upgrade up to space era? Maybe allow the player to conquer not just Earth but other planets?

font is a bit too small to be fully readable.

Thanks for the info, I will update the font size soon.